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National Library of Catalonia

National Library of Catalonia

The BC is located at the Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu de Barcelona since 1939


The Hospital is one of the most important Gothic ensembles in Catalonia. Built between the XVth and XVIIth centuries, it was the largest hospital in Catalonia for many centuries and was the result of the fusion of several hospitals that existed in medieval Barcelona.

Civic Center Convent of SANT AGUSTÍ

Civic Center Convent of SANT AGUSTÍ

Equipment of open and dynamic proximity that offers a wide range of activities and cultural proposals of great thematic variety

S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera

Located in a building of great architectural value, which highlights the Gothic cloister, the center has positioned itself in the axis motor últimos años como local associative life. Su programación with a character marked with cultural and social design is from the principle of territoriality.

Museum of MOTO

Museum of MOTO

A unique place where you will find out that a motorbike is a lot more than a leisure and mobile option


Did you know that Barcelona is one of the European cities with a higher number of motorbikes per inhabitant and that it has a long tradition in the two wheels world? Do not miss paying a visit to this little museum in the heart of the Gothic quarter, you will be surprised!

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