Museum of MOTO

A unique place where you will find out that a motorbike is a lot more than a leisure and mobile option

Did you know that Barcelona is one of the European cities with a higher number of motorbikes per inhabitant and that it has a long tradition in the two wheels world? Do not miss paying a visit to this little museum in the heart of the Gothic quarter, you will be surprised!

Barcelona Motorcycle Museum is a place that must be visited by any motor fan. This museum goes beyond the mere technical perspective of the vehicles. Each one of the bikes on display contains personal stories, curiosities, anecdotes...

It gives you a different perspective. It lets you to see the evolution of the 20th century society, focusing in Catalonia and Spain, where this industry had and still has, a remarkable role in different aspects (industrial, social, economic, sport...)

Apart from the permanent exhibition Motorbike. Society, industry and competition,  the Museum also holds temporary exhibitions that are periodically renewed.

  • Gòtic
  • C. de la Palla, 10
  • 93 318 65 84

  • Metro L3LICEU
  • Bus V13, 59

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