Shopping in Ciutat Vella

Shopping in Ciutat Vella is fun time and tourism. In this district of Barcelona are all brands, shops and establishments to meet every need, budget or circumstance.


sec grandes espacios

Great Outdoors

If you do a lot of shopping and do not have time, in Ciutat Vella you will find several shopping centers, galleries and department stores where you can meet your needs.

sec tiendas especializadas

Speciality Shops

Endless establishments that specialize in original, exclusive and hard to find products and articles.

sec mercados

Markets and Fairs

Both shopping and tourist level.

sec joyas relojes arte

Jewelry, Watches, Art

The best brands, designers and artists at your fingertips.

sec perfumeria belleza

Perfume and Beauty

Perfume, hair... be beautiful

sec souvenir barcelona

Souvenirs and Gifts

Walking through Ciutat Vella any time is good to take a souvenir of the flavors of the city.

sec moda calzado

Fashion and Footwear

In Ciutat Vella are the best known and countless small shops with national designer brands.

sec salud bienestar

Health and Wellness

Take care of yourself, relax and enjoy these facilities.

sec gourmet


For those looking for quality products.

sec tecnologia


Telephony, Image, Sound, Computer...

sec deporte guia

Sport and leisure

Goods for sport, leisure and recreation.

sec hogar

For home

Home, decor, accessories, bathroom...

sec libreria

Bookstores & Stationery

Books, stationery.

sec souvenir barcelona


All kinds of accessories for men and women. Bags, hats, belts, sunglasses, jewelry.

sec moda calzado


For the smallest audience we have many special shops for them and them.

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