Pere Vila Codina

Passeig de Lluís Companys

Sculptor: Josep Dunyach
Materials: Bronze on limestone base
Inauguration: November 12, 1932

Pere Vila and Codina (Les Oluges, Segarra, 1860 - Rosario, Argentina, 1916) was a boy who emigrated to Argentina in search of fortune. He was lucky and did. Years later, feeling sick, he made his will and left money to build schools in his hometown and in Barcelona. A clause stating that "it is understood that this institution will be favored with the children of poor parents who lack the means to give them education." Barcelona became a school that bears his name in the hall of San Juan, Lluís Companys current ride. Barcelona City Council wanted to put in the yard a bronze bust on a column in thanks. The monument, designed by José Dunyach, was inaugurated in November 1932 by the mayor at the time, Jaume Aiguader.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Passeig de Lluís Companys, 18


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