Genoveva de Brabant

Zoo (Parc de la Ciutadella)

Sculptress: Montserrat Junoy
Materials: White marble

This sculpture, the only one of Mont / sawing Junoy exposed in a place / public of Barcelona, ​​was pre / tada in 1952 and is the Grifé Room / coda of our city, acquired / installed by the city and the area code / our Zoo 1959 / represents the heroine of a llegen / a medieval, wife of Count Sigfrido / Trier, condemned unjustly / to be abandoned in the woods / with her young son and getting / survive thanks to the help of a CER / fly . Paradigma woman slander / a, innocence is final / recognized mind, its history has / given rise to various literary / and even films

The fifties were lavish in curious monuments. Barcelona City Council acquired in 1952 at an exhibition held at the Grifé and Escoda establishments, a sculpture of Montserrat Junoy, daughter of the writer Josep Maria Junoy on the legendary character of Genoveva of Brabant, abandoned in the woods by her husband, Count Siegfried of Trier. The character became popular children's books of the time. Figure sculpted by Junoy represents a woman with a deer. In 1959, the director of the Zoo, Antoni Jonch, was found "in a box without knowing who put it and where it came from." He decided to remove it from its packaging and put the Zoo to beautify the gardens. It is now near the Dolphinarium.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Parc de La Ciutadella


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