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Entry Avinguda Marquès de l'Argentera of the Parc de la Ciutadella

Sculptor: Venancio Vallmitjana i Barbany, signed execution: Joseph Case
Design: Josep Fontseré
Materials: Limestone

The sculpture is paired with the representation of the marina and is decorating one of the pillars that form one of the park gates. Both sculptures were placed in December 1884 and each weighed 400 hundredweight. A renewed solution on this issue is that inspired Vallmitjana to work in this work. Here you no longer use a divine mythological figure to represent the allegory, but it is provided by a majestic female figure captured in a moment of rest, leaning on a pitchfork from those used for mowing and holding in his hand a bunch grape.

Thus, we find a work of allegorical genre that leaves aside the figures based on classical mythology to fetch a more direct view of the characters. Venanci Vallmitjana about the poetic realism without forgetting that you had to give those works the necessary monumentality calling function. With this idea, it gives importance to the gesture and dresses. Again, using the competing Michelangelo had used and, like this, in this statue, as in the four that form the set, it seeks to give the figures a brave and great strength expression. They also agree to use the classic ponderatio, solution while enabling a dynamic lines, allowed a thorough job of costumes that scratching the body wisely. On the way to resolve the position of the body and clothing, the sculptor took as its starting point the work of Bernini, especially the angels who are in the Ponte Sant'Angelo or San Andrea delle Fratte in Rome. This aspect shows us once again as you know where to find examples above look without the work ceases to be Venanci Vallmitjana footprint. This was also correct in the way that suits the child elements in the main figure, especially the child to be loaded on spikes and grapes. These elements, along with the fruits that fall from a basket lying, allow us to strengthen the allegorical idea we had there.

As a curious thing, the pedestal where is located the sculpture, like that of her peers, looks like it was designed by Antoni Gaudí.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Parc de La Ciutadella


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