Tribute to the Mutual Blanquerna School (1924-1939)

Plaça Blanquerna

Sculptor: Nuria Tortras, signed
Materials: Bronze on polished limestone base
Inauguration: November 13, 1998

The piece of sidewalk between the street is wider than the Portal de Santa Madrona and Carrer de la Mina, they put a monument in 1998 sponsored by alumni Mutual Blanquerna School. The monument, designed by Nuria Tortras is done in much the usual line of this sculptor. A girl in a skirt lying on the floor reading a book while on the other extreme, a child with school portfolio climbs back to one of three linked hoop forming the central body of the monument. The figures, cast in bronze, are located on a long jagged stone base. The hoops were the emblem of Blanquerna. They represent the three levels of education taught: the nursery and primary education were symbolized by a red ring; secondary education of girls, called Monturiol Academy, a blue ring and secondary education of girls, called Elisenda Academy, a yellow.

This piece of sidewalk is part along with what is on the other side of the street Portal de Santa Madrona, theoretical force of a place that had been named after Blanquerna. Across the street, ran back wall of the shipyard, was going to stop Gato sculptor Botero after a tour of other parts of the city.

Both the name of the square as the installation of the monument was a request made to the City by the Blanquerna association formed by former students and one teacher survivor. The Association was the one who financed the work. The sculptor, Nuria Tortras, alumni Blanqucrna did the work without charging anything. Previously, the association Blanquerna had placed a plaque on the facade of which was his school, now the Institute Menéndez y Pelayo, the Via Augusta. The tombstone made Solanich Rafael, who had been professor of art Blanquerna.

Mutual Blanquerna School, established in 1924, had as its main objective the creation of a training center on Via Augusta, where he concentrated all three levels of education offered. The building opened in 1932, built according to plans by Jaume Mestres. But Mutua up in 1939 by the Catalan character, the Institute was confiscated by the state, who moved classes Menéndez y Pelayo who had been in a house before the street Muntaner.

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