The power of the word

Parc de les Cascades

Sculptor: Anke De Vries
Materials: Painted steel

Within sculptures rain reached the city on the eve of the Olympics, this has a special meaning. The City of Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Netherlands, donated to Barcelona this work of the Dutch sculptor Auke de Vries (1937), specializing in monumental pieces of tubular steel for public spaces, after some efforts Oriol Bohigas started in 1987, when he visited the artist's studio. With a height of 16 meters and located in a pond next to the Ronda del Litoral, playing as the Olympic Village, it is composed of five elements that the author gave the names propeller, sunflower, cage, ball and star; together, some people find the shape of a large insect. It is located very close to the sculpture by Antoni Llena, David and Goliath.

It was installed in May 1992, and has not come to never make a formal opening, it seems that due to the disappointment of the Dutch authorities that financed regarding the shortsighted that 'n is from the Ronda del Litoral, as cover a large display panel.

In 2004, the Dutch consulate in Barcelona asked to be restored, because it was in very bad condition. Going technicians to carry out the necessary repairs, they realized that was also in very bad shape sculpture by Antoni Llena, David and Goliath, and extended the works both at once. In the power of the word had to make new welds and apply layers of paint, while the foundations were reinforced, rotted by the fact that they are submerged in the thin film of water covering the final piece of the tunnel Belt the Coast where he is.

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