Pau Claris

Passeig de Lluís Companys

Sculptor: Rafael Atché, signed
Materials: Bronze on stone pedestal
Inauguration: May 6, 1917

In 1914, one of the eight statues remembered moments in the history of Catalonia, the Rafael Casanova, was transferred Hall of San Juan in the round of San Pedro. The same year it was decided to place a new dedicated to Pau Claris (Barcelona, ​​1586-1641), president of the Generalitat of Catalonia during the confrontation with the Spanish authorities, which had its peak with the day that has passed into history as the Corpus of Blood, June 7, 1640. Rafael Atché modeled sculpture Claris, which was inaugurated on May 6, 1917. the Catalanista Union proposed that each June 7 Pau Claris memory is honored. The monument was removed during the Civil War, along with other Hall of San Juan and stored in a warehouse. With Francoism the other statues were melted to the Virgen de la Merced but someone who does not know, got this continue saved along with Rafael de Casanova, Layret, the Republic and Doctor Robert. He returned to his location on July 7, 1977, with a parliament of the then senator Lluís Maria Xirinacs, who read a poem by Ventura Gassol in the presence of Deputy Mayor Alfonso Canovas and the president of FAD, Antoni Moragas.

The replacement was made with a new pedestal and not stood in the original place but under the Arc de Triomphe. During the reform of the current Passeig de Lluís Companys, directed by the completion in 1991 municipal architect Jordi Henrich and the statue she was placed in a replica pedestal of Viladomat and Lauria and in a similar position at the angle of the ride that gives Pere Vila school.

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  • Pg. de Lluís Companys


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