Mural of Photography

Carrer d'Aurora

Idea: Albert Ripoll
Painters: Eduardo Arranz Bravo, Bartolozzi Rafael signed
Materials: Painting on the facade

Photographer Albert Ripoll Guspi had the idea to do a large mural in the building of the Aurora Street, number 11, as it had been decided to install 1978, the International Center of Photography. The mural reproduced the faces of 78 photographers of all time, from the Nicephore Niepce to Giselle Freund, and was carried out by the painters Eduardo Arranz-Bravo and Rafael Bartolozzi in 1978. The center did not quite work, Guspi died and mural deteriorated. Urban Landscape Agency set a start and was sponsored by Chrysler and Tailoring Modelo to pay seven million pesetas it cost to restore it. 1997 Arranz Bravo was back on the scaffold; but Bartolozzi, who was Mayor of Vespella (Tarragona), there participated. The mural covers 19 panels over four stories tall has the house number 11 in Aurora, where coincidences of life, is the study of the sculptor Tom Carr.

  • Raval
  • C. Aurora, 11 bis

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