Mare de Déu de la Mercè

Plaça de la Mercè

Sculptor: Miquel Oslé the original image Maxim Hall
Materials: Bronze
Inaugurations: October 14, 1888 - September 29, 1959

The colossal image of the Virgin of Mercy that are currently on the dome of the temple which is dedicated got 29 September 1959, replacing one destroyed during the Civil War and which took the metal to make war materiel. It is the work of the brothers Oslé, and for the large number of bronze contains melted statues of characters from the history of Catalonia who had been at the Salon de San Juan, although the historical significance of the five statues destroyed -all these characters in average age could have been, in fact, perfectly assumed by the new regime. It was Wilfred the Hairy and Ramon Berenguer el Vell, Barcelona counts; Peter Albert, jurist of the thirteenth century; Bernard Desclot also the thirteenth century, author of one of the four major chronic and Jaume Fabre, architect of the cathedral of Barcelona, ​​Santa Maria del Mar Santa Maria del Pi. Joaquim Renart tells in his memoirs how these statues had been removed during the war in January 1937. They were in a warehouse when Franco decided to merge them. In any case, they were not all that was in the Hall of San Juan, because two more in 1939 remained the same place smoothly -the Viladomat and Roger de Lauria, flanking the monument to another and Rivers and Taulet- the Pau Claris, retired but not melted. It also merged with the same purpose, one of the bronze sculptures that were dismantled the monument of Dr. Robert and the large flag, also of bronze that were in the same monument.

The original image, destroyed during the war, was the work of maximum room and was placed on 14 October 1888. It was smaller than the present one.

In 1990 he carried out a restoration of the Basilica de la Merced, funded by the company xampanyera Moët & Chandon, within the campaign "Barcelona, ​​Make Yourself Beautiful '. On June 20 of that year, a group of skilled climbers access to difficult places rose to the top and did a thorough cleaning of the image. In 1997 came the consolidation of its support after confirming that showed significant signs of deterioration.

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