Maja madrileña

Plaça de la Vila de Madrid

Author: Lluís Montané and Mollfulleda signed
Materials: white marble stone on pedestal
Opening: September 25, 1958

The square, dedicated to the city of Madrid, where the sculpture had been occupied until the Civil War to a convent of Discalced Carmelites. In the space left in April 1956 there were development works and found a Roman necropolis in the basement. We chose to keep it in situ, which gave rise to the curious current formula of a square half collapse. In the not collapse, they decided to put a font that alludes to the name that was chosen for this new space. The sculptor Lluís Montané Molfulleda made a smart decorate the fountain, where there is also the shields of Barcelona and Madrid and a fish characteristic of the work of Montane, in which animalística prominently. Both the new urbanization of the square as the source of maja were opened on 25 September 1958, during the second festival of Mercy Mayor Porcioles.

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