The Four Seasons

Plaça Sant Jaume with carrer Ciutat

Painting: Albert Rafols Casamada
Architects: Peter Casajoana, Rosa Maria Clotet
Materials: acrylic on canvas
Opening: January 28, 1983

Oriol Bohigas, Planning Officer of the City of Barcelona during the second half of the first term socialist (1979-1983) decided to transform two lodges situated at the entrance of the Casa Grande in places open to the public for information . They came into the case on the left of the door, but not the other, which continues to occupy the police. Peter Casajoana, municipal architect, restored lodge Bohigas released and asked Albert Rafols Casamada who painted the dome. He had thought the name of Hernandez Pijoan for second, but it was not the case. Eaves did a nice job named Hall of the Four Seasons. It was one of the first works inaugurated by the then new mayor, Pasqual Maragall, in January 1983, one month of taking possession. The room estatjava Information Office, and is now a site of Tourism Barcelona. In short, the idea was merely Bohigas will strengthen small museum of modern art in the lobby.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. Sant Jaume - C. Ciutat


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