Fountain of the Pla de la Boqueria

Pla de la Boqueria

Author unknown
Materials: marble stone on Montjuïc
Opening: December 24, 1830

It remains curious that put sources close to the entrances to the city from the Rambla precisely when the wall had stopped making sense and would eliminate gradually. As had been placed on a door Ferriss in 1680 were placed in another door adjoining the La Boqueria, inaugurated on 24 December 1830. The latter, under neoclassical a niche is embedded in the wall of the former Capuchin monastery.

Above three taps is a great shield of Barcelona with the symbols of Hercules, and the rough skin of a lion. The helmet placed on the shield was beheaded on more than one occasion by hooligans, the last was in 2002.

According to legend, there was a certain prevention when fetching water in this fountain, because on one occasion he found a child cut his finger stuck inside a nozzle. But its strategic location in one of the meeting places frequented by locals -the Pla de l'Os or Boqueria, base operations hawkers and street-shows, imposed their bad reputation.

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  • Pla de la Boqueria

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