Fountain of the Carme

Plaça de Joan Amades

Author: Joseph Goday
Materials: Montjuïc stone
Openings: March 29, 1931 / April 30, 2003

Josep Goday overthrew the old convent of the Minimes Street Carmen, who had served as municipal school, and raised its solar one of the schools that prompted the City of Barcelona in the first third of the twentieth century, Mila i Fontanals, thanks to the legacy of Mrs. Louise Care. Next to the school, Goday put a source in nature noucentista. The works lasted about twelve years and the school and the fountain was inaugurated on 29 March 1931. The source angle formed with the school building, where the street widens and takes all a dividing wall. During the civil war suffered the consequences of a bombing on 17 March 1938, which left damaged and had to redo it with a large budget for its time, 65,548.50 pesetas. The opening of a new street, dedicated to the historian Agustin Duran Sanpere, meant that the source was dismantled a few years ago, and was again replaced until 2003, but now in the same structure school with a plaque recalls the fact that the bombing. The opening of school reform, including a new sports complex, and reworked the source said the board was held on 30 April 2003.

  • Raval
  • Pl. de Joan Amades


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