Font de les Tres Gràcies

Plaça Reial

Author: Figures central copy of an original Germain Pilon (c. 1560) now in the Louvre.
Project: Louis-Tullius Joachim Visconti
Production and version: Antoine Durenne
Architect: Francesc Daniel Molina
Materials: cast iron painted on stone base
Opening: December 5, 1926

The architect Francesc Daniel Molina, author of the design of the Plaza Real, as it was the winner of the design contest organized by the City Council to urbanize the place where there had been a Capuchin monastery, decided to put this source, a standard model purchased in February 1876 by the French Antoine Durenne foundry. But before that there must have been another, because in 1852 you worked to get there one, not please everyone.

In 1888, the fountain was dismantled and put in place a fountain of light. The Source of the Three Graces was mounted on Rambla del Poble Nou in 1907, and in 1926 returned to the Royal Plaza again, the decision of Nicolas M. Rubio Tudurí, which was responsible for municipal and places parks, and Francesc de Paula Nebot, who was the Deputy Mayor for Public Works. Despite only twenty years that the source was a few Poble Nou, he left a strong memory. At the corner of Calle Ramon Turro the Rambla, where he was, there was until the eighties two shops, a bakery and a shoe with the name of "The jets", which is only in beginning century XXI, a bakery.

In 1983, the place was undergoing a major reform, we eliminated the circulation of vehicles and the fountain was restored.

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