Fris de l'Edifici Novíssim

Plaça Sant Miquel

Sculptor: Josep Maria Subirachs, signed
Architects: Lorenzo García Barbón, Enric Giralt Ortet
Materials: aluminum and artificial stone
Opening: December 23, 1969

The house had become too small and the City on 26 February 1958, the eleven months of having been appointed mayor Josep Maria Porcioles, we held a competition to build a 12-storey building in the old Plaza San Michael, next to St. James. They won it the architects Lorenzo García Barbón and Enric Giralt, who made a completely unique building from the environment. It was decided that the sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs check and a frieze panels. Friso evident in Catalan, the artist made the work in the factory Escofet, Martorell. He also held the coats of Barcelona in nine rows, came to the outside of all apartments. The three upper rows were suppressed in 2001 cropping up four floors in the building for safety reasons and aesthetic. The shields were auctioned, with the authorization of Subirachs, and part of the proceeds was in charge of the Moreres Fossar cauldron.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. Sant Miquel


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