Frederic Soler, Monument to Pitarra

Plaça del Teatre

Sculptor: Agustín Querol
Architect: Pedro Falqués
Materials: White marble on pedestal made of stone from Montserrat
Inauguration: December 26, 1906

Frederic Soler and Hubert (Barcelona, 1839-1895), better known by the pseudonym with which signed most of his works, Serafí Pitarra, he was one of the most popular men of letters of his time. Grower first of a popular, satirical theater and parody, and supporter of the revolution of 1868, led then to a theater of bourgeois taste and accepted the Restoration. Plan Comedies, now Theatre Square, opposite the Main Theatre: Teatro Romea entrepreneur, a few months after his death the decision to erect a monument in Barcelona's place then had more to do with his art was taken. On March 13, 1896 were chosen as authors of the monument architect and sculptor Falqués Pedro Agustín Querol. The works began on November 16, 1897.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. del Teatre


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