Source of Santa Eulàlia, Font del Pedró

Plaça del Pedró

Author: Louis Boniface, Old, Lazarus Tremullas, reconstruction Frederic Marès
Materials: base and several marbles Montjuïc stone, white marble sculpture
Openings: November 29, 1673 / February 12, 1826

The image of Santa Eulalia in the place of the stone is the only piece of public statuary Barcelona commissioned by the city government dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Despite the renovations of the image and the pedestal and the destruction suffered in revolutionary periods, carried more than three hundred years in the same place. All other images of the city are the XIX, XX and XXI. Initially there was no source, but a monument to Saint Eulalia because, according to legend, at that confluence of two ancient roads was exposed at the time praetor Dacian, and the naked body of the crucified saint. Based on this legend, 30 November 1670, the Council decided Cent commissioned Josep Darder carpenter wood execution of a monument to the patron saint of the city. Two years later, when the wooden model was already made, the Council instructed the foreman Benedict Parents stone obelisk modeled wood.

  • Raval
  • Pl. del Pedró

  • Metro L3LICEU

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