Source of Sant Just

Plaça Sant Just

Author unknown
Materials: Montjuïc stone

The legend says that John went hunting for Fiveller Collserola casually and found a spring of water flow considerably. It inform the Consell de Cent, who was to serve as a supply channel Barcelona. For this reason, in 1367 he built a Gothic fountain in the Plaza de Sant Just opposite the church of Saints Justo and Pastor. The source is a trapezoidal construction. On the main façade, three Carasses pour water into a sink, and the top there is a carved image of Saint Just two coats, the Barcelona and Real. In facing the street Palma de Sant Just you can see a hawk with a bird between his claws. The source gave the parish cemetery. In 1831, no such burial within the city, the fountain was restored and was added to the balustrade of clay above it. It is an austere style romantic, and a number of plants that contribute to dangle charm to the place where it was customary in ancient times, make theatrical performances. In 2001 it resumed sporadically the idea. The source has been restored again in 2003.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. Sant Just

  • Metro L4JAUME I

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