Neptune Fountain

Plaça de la Mercè

Sculptors: Adrià Ferran, Celdoni Guixà
Architects of the current installation: Rosa Maria Clotet, Ramon Sanabria, Peter Casajoana
Materials: Stone
Openings: April 14, 1826 / February 6, 1983

The statue of Neptune, stone work of Ferran Adrià, who in 1983 put a small pond in the middle of the open square in front of the church of La Merced, has many times before arribar- there. Originally he was in Barceloneta. Port Works Board commissioned a monumental fountain for the spring of Riba or recess. Adrià Ferran carried the image of Neptune sitting on a rock that crowned the monument, and a few years later, did the sphinxes Celdoni Guixà placed at his feet. An inscription on the pedestal was recorded that had been built as a monument of gratitude to Ferdinand VII, for dressing of the city and comfort of seafarers. It was inaugurated on 14 April 1826 and the model is preserved in the Museum of City History.

The Neptune Fountain was very popular among the staff usual spring and Barceloneta, until, due to the needs port, was dismantled and taken, according to the Flood of March 3, 1892, "at the foot of staircase right of the waterfall Park. " There he stayed until 1919 that took Laribal the park, which was the first part of the mountain of Montjuïc s'enjardinà the beginning of the century. In make Miro Foundation in 1975, was disassembled and stored in a warehouse until it was rescued in 1983 as a decorative element to the Plaça de la Mercè, open front of the church after overthrowing a group homes. The statue was restored, was placed in the pond again and they put a plaque that remembers your previous locations. The inauguration took place on February 6, 1983. The base and the current organization of the source are Rosa Maria Clotet, Ramon and Pedro Sanabria Casajoana, municipal architects.

Councillors CiU expressed at a meeting of the Municipal Standing Committee that his protest was put before a pagan monument Catholic Church, of the Mercè.

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