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Plaça Frederic Marès

Sculptor: Frederic Marès
Materials: Bronze on stainless steel base
Inauguration: November 9, 1996

When they gave the name of the sculptor Frederic Marès (1893-1991) to a place of the old 1996, was cast in bronze work of a private collection sandstone preserved in the museum of his name and put it as a decorative element and tribute. In the same work had already made a previous copy in bronze in 1989 by the Museum of the Emporda Figueres, since mother was born in Portbou. The motherboard actually entering a street Palla, Banys Nous and between the Plaza Nueva, has the peculiar characteristic of being closed with a gate. It was a realization of the municipal architect María Luisa Aguado. Mother used to record the date of completion of their works; but Nuria Rivero, Pilar Vélez and Ernest Ortoll, who made the catalog of his works, place it between 1930 and 1936.

The opening of the sculpture in the square took place on 9 November 1996 in the presence of Joan Bassegoda, president of the Catalan Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi, where the mother had admitted in 1954 and whose mother was president from 1963 to 1989 and then honorary president.

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