Arc de Triomphe - Psg. de Lluís Companys

Sculptors: Manuel Fuxà, Pere Carbonell
Architect: Josep Vilaseca
Materials: Artificial stone of portland cement
Inauguration: May 20, 1888

Manuel Fuxà and Pedro Carbonell, author of the missing statues dedicated to historian Bernard Desclot and the architect Jaume Fabre, besides being the first sculptor of the monument to Rius i Taulet, were responsible for performing the twelve col fames · placed on towers the angles of the Arc de Triomphe. His type of winged Fame symbolizes the presence of Barcelona in the world, ie, a famer not closed in itself, but projected to the rest of the nations. Iconographically alternately depicted with the image of a woman playing the trumpet, as introduced in Renaissance attribute, and one with a laurel wreath, symbol of glory. This iconography associated with the funeral and memorials of great people here acquires a sense of civic exaltation according to program the whole spirit of the Arc de Triomphe. All the sculptures are of the same style as the idea of ​​unity dominates the whole above the individual uniqueness of craftsmen.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Pg. de Lluís Companys


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