Doctor Jacint Reventós

Plaça Jacint Reventós

Sculptor: Manuel Alvarez
Materials: Basalt, steel and wrought iron
Inauguration: December 28, 1995

On a site that the City had scrounged up as a municipal parking on the street Silverware, next to Santa María del Mar, the architect Lluís Nadal construlló a residential building. The small square in front was designed by the municipal architect Rafael Garcia, who had collaborated in the past with Nadal. This square, opened in 1995, was baptized with the name of who was co-director, since 1907, the tuberculosis dispensary, Jacinto Reventós and Bordoy. The official opening Deputy Joan Reventós was held on December 28, 1995, in the presence of then deputy mayor, Joan Clos, the son of Dr. Reventós, Jacinto Reventós and Conti, and his nephew. At the same time inaugurate it, and without the architect who had designed the square had nothing to do, put a monument funded by the Uriach Foundation, thanks to the good relationship between it and the Picasso-Reventós Foundation and friendship between the presidents of the two, Joan Uriach Marsal and Jacint Reventós Conti, son of the honoree.

The monument is a unique case of two separate pieces of very different styles. One is a plaque attached to the wall of a building on the square in which there is a relief with the face of Reventós, bronze copy of Pau Gargallo dedicated in 1923. Pau Gargallo in 1907 had another Reventós Ramon's brother Jacinto, who is one of the four covers (the others are Picasso, Nonell and the same Gargallo) that since 1917 decorate the facade of the theater Forest of Rambla de Prat, in the neighborhood of Gracia, now cinema. Under the copy Reventós face, it has added the inscription "i Bordoy Reventós Jacint, 1883-1968, metge, alderman; medal ciutat; amic dels artistes". The other piece of the monument is a work by sculptor Manuel Alvarez. Jacint Reventós Bordoy, closely linked during his youth in Barcelona's artistic avant-garde circles -there a portrait, Picasso, the museum Montcada street, passed the Civil War on Franco's side as director of the military hospital in Salamanca .

The work initially was placed along the line of alignment of the street and allowed to observe the contrast between this and the tower of Santa Maria del Mar; following an accident where a truck knocked her down and destroyed, he moved to the current place where there was a beautiful shade.

  • S. Pere, S. Caterina i La Ribera
  • Pl. Jacint Reventós

  • Metro L4JAUME I

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