David and Goliath

Parc de les Cascades, in front of the Plaça dels Voluntaris

Sculptor: Antoni Llena
Materials: Stainless steel, painted steel and resin
Inauguration: December 7, 1992

Some sculptures arrived late to the Olympics, like David and Goliath Antoni Llena, which was not opened until December 7, 1992 by the technical difficulties involved. Several explanations on the sculpture and its title which, incidentally, is the same as the one dedicated to the International Brigades who is in the neighborhood of Carmel were given. One speaks of a David who are the three legs that support the large mask that dominates the monument and symbolize the poor of the neighborhood disappeared Somorrostro, who was in this area; another explanation refers to the victory that meant transforming a degraded in a residential area athletes. The truth is that the sculpture had to overcome many technical difficulties, as the mask of the giant was like a big candle that could suffer problems because of the wind, and there the help of French engineering office Principia Recherche Developement, Blagnac, for resolve the issue. The sculpture, a model of which had been admired in the gallery Artgràfic in 1991, was translated to its remarkable dimensions in the workshop of Pere Casanovas Mataroní.

Technical difficulties persisted years after placement. No engineer ever wanted to bet for the stability of the monument. The action of the wind and the proximity to the sea, causing oxidations were lethal, as it was found in a routine inspection when the restaurant was the power of the word sculpture, located nearby. In 2005 it carried out a major restoration, which lasted a long time and was effectively fully dismantle, and in 2007 again had to make considerable maintenance works led by Pere Casanovas, who had executed the original work. drains were made to avoid accumulation of water inside, the welds were rebuilt and protected all resins. It would have been that stainless steel had been used from the beginning, but have not done so, it must be permanently ensuring its stability and consistency, because of its peculiar design.

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