The Commerce

Facade of Mercantile Casino or Bolsín, the former headquarters of La Llotja. Veronica Square

Sculptor: Rossend Novas signed
: Stone

The classical sculpture of the god Hermes, located in front of the Casino, also called the Mercantile Borsí- is directly related to the commercial and contracting movements taking place inside the building. Presented as an allegory of trade, the most popular god of imperial Rome, protector of travelers and merchants, depicted in all its majesty on a sculpture of great technical skill. From footwear features winged sandals, to hit a round hat, known by the Greeks as travelers pétaso (pètasus) classic attributes appear. Thus, the right hand carries a bag of coins and left holding caduceus with entwined serpents, distinctive ambassadors. Secondly, there is the Mole, symbol of the shares or exchanges of human life, which is always with another grinder to grind perform the action. To the right of the figure is a stork, meaning aid. As indicated in his book Iconology Cesare Ripa, dated 1593, in the same way that the storks in flight, as they have long neck, lean on me tired and behind another, men need help themselves between them.

The sculptor Rossend Novas, this time, is continuing and fervent admirer of the models of antiquity and the Italian Renaissance in the careful study of the anatomy of the face and perfection in the folds of clothing. Apart from this, we note the thoroughness of detail, a feature that also appears in other works by the artist reflecting its beginnings as a goldsmith. For this reason, we highlight the work embossed border of the dress, which exceed the attributes of God as an ornament, and two storks intertwined elements of navigation and timó- -two fish, as long time trade and navigation were almost inseparable.

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