Galceran Marquet

Plaça Duc de Medinaceli

Sculptors: Damian Campeny and Strange Joseph Anicet Santigosa
Architect: Francesc Daniel Molina
Materials: cast iron painted on stone base of Montjuic
Opening: June 29, 1851

In the place of the Duke of Medina column rises amid a cast iron fountain. At the top of the column there is the statue of a character that was decided at the last minute when the rest of the monument was already done, and on the personality of which have existed some doubts.

This monument was clearly intended as a source for decorating the old Plaza de San Francisco when it was widened in neighboring Franciscan convent disappeared due to fires in 1835. The donation of lands of the Duke of Medina allowed complete -the and, therefore, the square bearing his name. When urbanize it, in 1849, he immediately thought of a fountain placed there, following the trend that prevailed in those years the city. The proximity to the port, everyone agreed it had a symbolic commitment to an episode of the maritime history of Barcelona. Following this idea, Louis drew Rigalt project appeared on several items related to the sea. The municipal architect Francesc Daniel Molina technically developed that project as a monumental column of 18 meters; sculptor Josep Anicet Santigosa Vestraten and began to work on the basis of the figures and the decoration of the column, and it flickered smelter Valentine executed all in cast iron, without anyone even remotely, thought Engarcerán Marquet. Over the dedication itself, the column I wanted to be a demonstration of the possibilities of new materials arising from the industrial revolution. For this was the first major piece of ornamental cast iron was put Barcelona.

  • Gòtic
  • Pl. Duc de Medinaceli


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