Emili Vendrell

Plaça d'Emili Vendrell

Sculptor: Rafael Solanic, signed
Architects: Beth Gali, Rosa Maria Clotet
Materials: Stone relief and bronze inscriptions
Opening: April 25, 1982

In 1980, being demolished a house in ruins at the intersection of Joaquim Costa and Peu de la Cruz was a lot that a group of eighteen women took the initiative to clean up the neighborhood could available as a public space. The initiative was welcomed by the Council, which completed the development of the place and awarded the women a symbolic "Golden Broom" which gave the mayor Narcis Serra personally.

The Association of Residents of the street Foot of the Cross, 1500 by publishing posters, launched a subscription to put a monument to the singer Emili Vendrell, son of the district, while calling for the square was christened your name. Both were accepted by the Council, and the monument was designed by the architects Beth Galí and Rosa Maria Clotet, consisting of a stone fountain, attached to the back wall of the square, which incorporated a bronze relief by sculptor Rafael Solanic. It also got a bronze letters with the dedication: "A Emili Vendrell, the town musician singer who expresses his unforgettable voice the spirit of the song, 1893-1962." The letters, hastily put shortly before the date fixed for the opening (9 May 1982), were falling slowly.

In 2001, the gardens were remodeled Emili Vendrell according to a municipal project.

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  • Pl. d'Emili Vendrell

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