Parish of St. Augustine

The first stone of the new convent of St. Augustine began 1728 and opened in 1750

In the nineteenth century it was marked by a series of incidents that negatively affected the community and its riches. The community had to leave. In 1835 he was burned, with the secularization became parish, function still has.

The church was part of the Augustinian monastery that no longer exists. It was built by Pere Bertran, a basic basilica plan with three longitudinal naves and a dome over the cross. The facade is baroque, one of the few left in Barcelona.

Inside is a Baroque fresco painted by the Italian master, Claudio Lorenzale. The Mass is in Spanish and Catalan. Sunday 18:00 Mass is for the Filipino community in the neighborhood in Tagalog and Spanish.

The church is canonical headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Great Power and the Esperanza Macarena based in the city.

It was the place where the November 7, 1971 the Assembly of Catalonia, the unit body of the anti-Franco opposition in Catalonia was established.


Monday to Sunday from 9:00am to 14:00pm and 16:00pm to 20:pm

  • Raval
  • Pl. de Sant Agustí, 2
  • 93 318 38 63

  • Metro L3LICEU
  • Bus 14, 59, 91

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