Palace Requesens

Located in the district of San Justo, Palau Requesens, also said the Countess of Palamos, was the largest private palace of medieval Barcelona. Today is headquarters of the Royal Academy of Arts

The building was built in the thirteenth century, but as it has come down to us is basically a Gothic building, later reforms. Based on the Roman wall, an arch connecting two towers of the wall in order to give substance to the new building.

The south tower sector already belongs to another building, while the north, then lifted or perhaps a little earlier part of the premises of Palau Requesens. Further north, another sector saw its walls perforated walls to other rooms of the building, built on a large pointed arch that starts from the ground level. This facade has been rebuilt, probably sixteenth or seventeenth century. The only access to the Palace is a door lintel result of the reforms of the seventeenth century, at the end of the street Bishop Hunter. Gothic enters a courtyard where you guess reforms of the seventeenth century, with stairs to the first floor and dominated by the slender tower of the walls Roman origin with later additions. The palace itself is on the left side of the courtyard between the walls and the Palace of the Marquis of San Moix Mori. An arch under the staircase gives access to a room that is called the "tinellet" for its similarity with the Tinell Hall, although in this case is also a small ship on each side . For scale, discovery, one reaches the first floor where there is a market sectors Gothic has two angled, three arches each, on thin columns. Several gothic mullioned windows and clerestory walls open to the courtyard. On the wall belongs to the walls add a loggia with columns and roof blown prismatic timber, the result of the last restoration, when it also had to add some of the windows above.

The main floor estatja the session hall, the hall and the office of President of the Academy, located inside the Roman tower. At the north end of this floor has a courtyard with trees, a pond in the center and an arcade of two floors in the background, in a neoclassical style romantic flavor.

The rest of this floor units or higher are adapted to current needs.

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