Palace Moja

This palatial residence, built by the Marquises of Moja, was designed by the architect Josep Mas in a late Baroque style in which the influence of French Neo-Classicism can be seen

It was completed in 1784. Notable from this period are the facades and the Grand Salon, with paintings (1791) by Francesc Pla, known as El Vigatà.

In 1785 it passed into the hands of the Marquis of Comillas who, in order to adapt it to contemporary taste, refurbished and redecorated the grand staircase, amongst other works. Illustrious figures have stayed there, including St Juan Bosco, Alfonso XII and the present king, Juan Carlos I, when he was crown prince. Between 1878 and 1892 Monsignor Jacint Verdaguer lived there as almoner to the Marquis of Comillas. At the present time it is the headquarters of the Cultural Heritage Department of the Catalan Government Ministry of Culture.

  • Gòtic
  • C. de la Portaferrissa, 1
  • 93 316 27 40


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