Episcopal Palace

The building known as the Bishop's Palace is a religious residential building that has its origins to the thirteenth century

The building now known as the Palace of the Bishop is the first building of the new episcopal Barcelona that rises walled city of Barcelona, using the utensils inside the Roman walls.

The New Square, opened in front of the Porta Praetoria of Roman wall, known as the Portal del Bisbe. It was created in 1355 when the water was channeled to Collserola Sant Jaume Square demolishing buildings facing the Portal del Bisbe, then we gave the name of New Square.

It was a closed square, separated from the cathedral until 1940 when following the destruction caused by the bombings of the war civil reformed the area and opened the Avenida de la Catedral. The facade of the episcopal palace overlooking the Plaza Nueva, attached to the Roman tower.

It was built by brothers Joseph and Paul Mas Dordal commissioned by Bishop Valladares. The facade is neoclassical in force at the time. The pediment that crowns the façade there is the coat of arms of Bishop Valladares.

The panels located between the balconies were decorated with paintings by Francesc Pla, "the Vigatà" went over time and damaging to the latest restoration has been recovered only one.

  • Gòtic
  • C. de Montjuïc del Bisbe, 4

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