Church of Sant Miquel del Port

It is a baroque church, originally conceived as a temple of square plant

It was extended a century later, and that's when the structure was remodeled, becoming its plant in the typical structure of three ships with cruise and a second dome.

The facade of a neoclassical baroque, is one of the most beautiful of the city, retaining its original structure although they suffered the attacks of the Civil War.

Know that there is a restored element: what you see on top is a reconstruction that was in its day, the Baroque sculptor Pere Costa, because the original was lost during the war.

On both sides of the church, on the street of Sant Miquel, you'll see a group of houses dating from the eighteenth century. With regard to your decor, are representative buildings of romantic architecture, worked with balconies and terracotta panels that decorate the exterior wall.

  • Barceloneta
  • C. Sant Miquel, 39

  • Bus 39, 45, 59, 64, D20, V15

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