House of Canons

Originally, the Houses of the Canons were a heterogeneous group of independent houses the only common feature being canonical residences

The different facades that make up the set are the result of an aggressive transformation of the end of the twenties century. XX for providing the set of a medieval character.

In this operation proceeded to replace nearly all of the openings and tops the group of buildings, using architectural elements taken from other buildings disappeared, especially imitating new formulations gothic stone elements. Only escape this trend the corner building at Carrer del Bisbe street and Mercy, where Rubio i Bellver ran a front engraved with decorative elements of baroque style.

The interior of the buildings was also aggressively transformed, resulting in a very difficult reading space with formal solutions Gothic correspondence with esturctura not have their own buildings. Little remains of the original decoration: according to the documentation for the Promotion of Decorative Arts in one room it was discovered remains of mural compositions with coats of arms and the hieroglyphic conservation and restoration of which was dismissed.

  • Gòtic
  • C. de la Pietat, 2

  • Metro L4JAUME I

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