Palau Berenguer d'Aguilar

The house is from the original. XVIII, deep renovations between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries

During the s. XIII and XIV palace belonged to several lineages nobles of the court of Aragon.

In 1386 it was acquired by Corominas-Desplà, members of the high bourgeoisie of Barcelona 1400 that were sold to merchant Berenguer d'Aguilar.

Successive generations of the family Aguilar were reforming it and left the building traces of different styles. In 1837 the palace was sold to families Clerch and Pons. Finally, on 3 November 1953 the City Council bought and carried out an intense work of restoration, since the building was badly damaged.

The central courtyard dating from. XV, with open staircase, a gallery of arches and examples of flamboyant Gothic sculpture. Gothic coffered ceilings on the first floor.

The remains of a large fresco of the late s. XIII evokes the conquest of Majorca by James I in 1229. This mural was discovered during the restoration of the 60s, remove the batter in a room and moved to the National Art Museum of Catalonia which is currently held.


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