Casa Padellàs

In 1930-31, during the foundation works carried out at the Plaça del Rei to build the house Padellàs, are remains of buildings of the ancient Roman colony.

Typical example of private Gothic palace, built in the late fifteenth century and early decades of the XVI. Merchants Street initially rose, but was moved to the Plaza del Rey (1930-1931) due to the opening of the via Laietana.

The noble residence is structured around a courtyard with open staircase, doors to the study and the first landing at the top, a lobby, covered with wood and open courtyard with four arches from which access to various private rooms.

Despite the structural features Gothic-like, observed numerous doors and windows -very mezzanine level both façades as the pati- are also obvious signs of penetration timely renaissance in the form of medallions, posters, badges and foliage, which involve the assimilation of new spatial patterns. The balconies of the main eighteenth century, probably replaced the original mullioned windows.

  • Gòtic
  • C. del Veguer, 2 - 4

  • Metro L4JAUME I

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