Route to hear the soundtrack of the Raval

Route to hear the soundtrack of the Raval

The Cultural Raval, in collaboration with the Taller de Musics, has organized "Raval BSO, the musical heart of Barcelona", a route for 2 hours explains aspects, many of which are unknown on the musical wealth of the neighborhood.

The route begins on Parallel Avenue, opposite where he was the first singer Barcelona cafe next to Arnau and at the crossroads of one of the most musical neighborhood streets. Layla guide explains Dworkin: "The course will focus on the history of music in the neighborhood, especially in some styles that have been closely linked to the neighborhood of the district and throughout the network associative and citizen."

All this cultural richness can be discovered with the "Raval BSO, the musical heart of Barcelona" route. Not only concert halls, also luthiers, radio stations, music schools, music stores, churches, people dancing ... a whole world around music. In this sense, Layla says: "One of the stops is in a place little known luthiers workshop called Parramón and is since 1898 in Carme street."

Creative variety of styles and cot

Raval live in the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the late Cal Manquet, a brothel and coffee which debuted singer Carmen Amaya. The most avant-garde jazz and choral singing, the most underground music bars and the most sacred melodies.

And the Raval has behind him a great musical heritage and has been a pioneer in the mixture of cultures and traditions that have given rise to all kinds of musical trends. This creative choice has become a hotbed of musical activity of historical reference in Europe. The main names and trends of the twentieth century have ended there (jazz, flamenco, progressive rock, cuplé ...).

During the tour, says Dworkin Layla "they stop made in some local landmarks still in operation, as the London Bar, and other already missing, as Villarosa, the birthplace of flamenco and which is now the Moog."

And still today the Raval is a meeting point between Iberian songs, American rhythms and European music, which has engendered a genuine style, the Catalan rumba.

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