Proposal to regulate the circulation of personal mobility vehicles

Proposal to regulate the circulation of personal mobility vehicles

The municipal government proposes to regulate the circulation of segways, rodes elèctriques, patinets amb motor and tricicles, which have a higher elevation in tourist areas of Ciutat Vella and the Sant Martí maritime front. Aquests vehicles of personal mobilitat (VMP) do not have a regulation per circular to the ciutat, so that the new regulation in vol guarantee the coexistence amb els vianants.

The Ayuntamiento regulate its use Objective PRIORITY "to sacarlos of the aceras, which is a space for peatones Preferente, and hacerlos circular por la Calzada," he CONCEJAL explanation for the Mobility of Mercedes Vidal. Se trata of a pioneering, what ya no hay ninguna otra tenga a city that for these vehicles regulación existe nor a European framework. This owes MOTION used to write a new, ORDINANCE, which could enter into force during the first quarter of 2017 the forecast is that each district also regulate certain areas puedo con este tipo mayor concentrations of vehicles, if it considers necesario.

To develop this Project, it has realizado Technical prevent a study that has clasificado the different aspects of vehicles acting as the speed, the weight or how many people I CAN touring between otros. Established with these Parameters should be the Siguientes categories:

Type A: small-size vehicles and which llegana velocidades to below 20 kilometers per hour, como las ruedas eléctricas or platforms.
Type B: eléctricos self balancing scooter, the Llamados Segways, scooters and motor con más grandes, which weigh up to 50 kilograms and alcanzan velocidades 30 kilometers per hour.
Type C: tricycles, in functions that use haga, will be C0 type of personal use; C1, for tourist use, and C2, or goods transport.

This standardization defined by where you can move each vehicle. Just type them whilst guests will be in use bike lanes, streets or parks públicos with a single platform, the lending of B and C2 also may move por las Calzadas zone 30. In the C0 tricycles will apply the regulations in the misma bicycles, and the C1 will allow you the circular por la Calzada not whilst I tried to shut the main network. The velocidades máximas that would allow each vehicle is determined by the satellite by the circulating, and if trafficking in areas where peatones coexist with them, will be required to respecting the preference of the people who walk.

PROPOSAL also establishing that all the people who ALQUILO vehicle of a type A or B will be required to ir acompañadas of a guide. Moreover, the tourist grupos utilicen that these VMP will be a maximum of two people if no one sigue Posted itinerary, and for a maximum of six people if it continues down a path.

La nueva ORDINANCE also establecerá in ningún caso people of less than 16 years Puedo conducir these vehicles by public roads, the old will use obligatorio in almost All cases, and provided that these vehicles will utilicen para actividades económicas, SHALL tener insurance. Trabajando is also up a registry to facilitate the pursuance of this regulation nueva y incumplirla entail sanctions.

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